My husband and I decided to purchase a second home for our retirement/family use.
We went with John as I have worked with him professionally and have a great respect for him and his business practices.
We found John to be well organized, very informative, readily available, and extremely patient with all our many questions in the process.
He took the time to find us the best rate possible in todays' volatile market and fought to get it for us.
Johns' knowledge of both the financial industry, an the real estate market ebbs and flows, helped us to have the smoothest possible experience in our newest purchase.

I absolutely recommend John for your mortgage needs. We'll give him our business again in the future.

My family and I were searching for a home for about 4 years. In that time we were trying to get pre-approved for a mortgage through our banks and another lender but found it difficult as they did not meet our needs to secure a home. We had taken a pause from house hunting and when we got back into it, I had found John through a Mountainview Mortgage Facebook advertisement. He responded to me right away. John has been consistently thorough with his timely replies. He is also very helpful and although we never met in person, I could tell he was working hard behind the scenes to help us reach our goals. His friendly and professional approach made the process incredibly positive. He gave us hope in finding a home. John referred to us a realtor who found us a home in our budget in only a couple months! Thank you John for all you have done for our family. I highly recommend John Abella. 🏠🙂👨‍👩‍👧‍👦